The Company

The ECOFROG project was created in 2015 to respond to one of our society’s growing demands: the creation of eco-friendly cleaning systems that are healthy for users. Although cleaning systems, by their very nature and definition, should be environmentally friendly and healthy for living beings, most of the solutions applied are not. What is more, the majority of these solutions discharge pollutants into our rivers and seas, causing increasingly more important environmental problems in quantitative and qualitative terms. They also cause health problems for users, both families and cleaning professionals. O3zone, the exclusive ECOFROG cleaning system, not only takes care of the environment and our health, but its fundamental purpose is to clean, degrease and disinfect.


The efficiency of the ECOFROG system applied in the domestic sphere, thanks to its exclusive patented technology, has led the way for us to develop other channels and areas of a more professional nature, with different needs and requirements, for a very diverse sectorial environment where an urgent switch to eco-friendly and healthy cleaning and disinfection is required.


ECOFROG is positioned as a clear European and global benchmark in the development of innovative O3zone technology, providing knowledge and experience in all areas of application and throughout the value chain, from machine design to maintenance. Additionally, we have specially developed different distribution channels with the aim of ensuring that the product is distributed as widely as possible without having to go through the classic distribution channels. Environmental sensitivity and a concern for human health are part of our DNA, both in the domestic sphere and in industrial settings. We develop and offer products that improve our quality of life, as well as that of our environment and, in short, we do our bit to ensure a better future for the coming generations.

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